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Speed up Flu & Cold Recovery with IV Therapy

Every year, cold and flu season strikes thousands ill and even sends some to the hospital – that’s why fall and winter are such critical times of year to keep yourself healthy and fit and to keep your immune system at full … Read More

The Germs Are Coming

When school gets back in session, new students from all over your community–and sometimes even from other countries–come into close contact with you. If you’re in college, you’ll have this experience. If you’re a teacher, you’ll be close to such … Read More

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How To Prevent Overheating This Summer

Many heat-related illnesses involve simple dehydration. More than 700 people die in the United States annually owing to illnesses that develop from exceptional heat. People don’t generally realize the danger of overheating. It can actually kill you, and different individuals … Read More

Hangover Cures: What Works?

Cold showers and hot coffee don’t actually reduce the effects of alcohol on the body, but they do stimulate the human adrenaline system, which induces a feeling of reduced inebriation. However, the alcohol remains in your blood, and a hangover … Read More

Can You Prevent The Flu?

Flu season is upon us. While flu season typically lasts from October until April, the illness tends to spike between January and March. This means we are approaching the heaviest part of flu season. With that in mind, many people … Read More

How Does Cryotherapy Affect Depression and Anxiety?

Cryotherapy, also call cold therapy, is an increasingly popular treatment for everything from aging skin to sports injuries. Celebrities from Demi Moore to Shaq O’Neal have been touting its praises. However, one lesser known benefit of this treatment is its … Read More

How Does IV Therapy Help In Flu Cases?

November brings cooler weather, shorter days, the holidays, and of course, the beginning of the flu season. This year, give your immune system a boost to better combat flu symptoms and feel better faster. IV therapy can help you to … Read More

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5 Great Health Benefits Delivered by IV Hydration

According to Healthline, the average human body needs around half a gallon of water every day. But sometimes, even this isn’t enough. If you’re particularly active, or if you’re suffering with a health condition that makes dehydration more likely, you … Read More

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Still Getting Over the Sickness? Here’s How an IV Hydration Boost Can Help

We get it. Summer is here and you’re still feeling blah. You might want to try I.V. hydration which can help boost your immune system with vitamin-rich nutrients. It’s a quick way to replenish your body with the vitamins and nutrients … Read More

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Learn How IV Hydration Can Help You Boost Your Weight Loss Results

Proper hydration is essential in order for the body to work as efficiently as it possibly can. Most people do not drink enough water each day and thus their bodies are somewhat dehydrated at all times. Getting enough hydration each … Read More