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ICE bath 2.0

Cryotherapy was originally developed for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Similar to the way doctors often recommend icing an injured area to reduce inflammation, cryotherapy lowers body temperature for three minutes. Reacting to the cold, your brain stimulates regulatory functions of the body.

During treatment, blood rushes to the body’s core to maintain body temperature while toxins are flushed out and your blood is enriched with oxygen, enzymes and nutrients.

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Freeze aging in its tracks

What are the

  • 1 Session | $40

  • 10 Sessions | $360

  • 20 Sessions | $600

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reduces chronic pain + fatigue

  • Speeds athletic recovery + muscle repair

  • Improves circulation + relieves achy joints

  • Sends oxygen to depleted organs

  • Improves sleep + elevates mood

  • Increases metabolism 

  • Anti aging

  • Overall enhancement of health + wellness