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Experience the power of peptides

Boosting your body’s healing and rejuvenation processes

Experience the power of peptides, natural compounds that aid in boosting your body’s healing and rejuvenation processes. By utilizing specific sequences of amino acids, peptides can target and influence various bodily functions, including hormone regulation, immune response, tissue repair, and more.

This personalized approach allows our certified providers to address specific health concerns with greater precision and effectiveness. With ongoing advancements in peptide research, we now have an expanded toolkit to provide tailored treatments and optimize patient outcomes. Our personalized treatments are designed to enhance overall well-being, support immunity, and increase vitality. Discover the benefits of Peptide Therapy today and take a step towards a healthier, revitalized you.



BPC-157 is known for its regenerative properties and its ability to promote tissue healing and repair. By stimulating blood flow and cell proliferation, this peptide can accelerate the healing of wounds and injuries. BPC-157’s potential to support tissue healing makes it valuable for individuals recovering from surgeries or managing musculoskeletal issues.


TISSUE/INJURY REPAIR – Supports the transport of essential nutrients and growth factors, aiding in rebuilding and strengthening damage. Additionally, reduces inflammation at the injury site, facilitating the healing process and providing relief for sports injuries, joint problems, and other musculoskeletal conditions.

GUT HEALING – Enhances the integrity of the gastrointestinal lining, reduces inflammation, and promotes the regeneration of damaged gut tissues. This peptide is particularly valuable for individuals with digestive disorders or those seeking to optimize their gut health such as stomach ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

BPC-157 is a unique peptide derived from the body’s natural digestive fluids. It plays a crucial role in promoting musculoskeletal and gut healing, making it an invaluable asset in our arsenal of peptide therapy.


12 week program

Level 1

  • BPC-157 injections (2x/day, will be sent home with patient after initial injection)

Level 2

  • Includes Package 1


  • GI-MAP gut testing

Level 3

  • Includes Packages 1 and 2


  • MRT food sensitivity testing
  • Nutrition consult every two weeks

CJC-1295/ Ipamorelin


CJC-1295/Ipamorelin’s ability to regulate hormones, promote muscle improvement, enhance energy levels, support better sleep quality, and aid in insulin control makes it a viable option for those seeking to optimize their physical performance and overall well-being through our peptide therapy.


HORMONE REGULATION – By enhancing the body’s natural growth hormone production, this peptide can have a positive impact on energy levels, metabolism, and overall vitality.

MUSCLE IMPROVEMENT – Experience improved muscle recovery and development, making it beneficial for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking to enhance their physique.

INCREASED ENERGY LEVELS – Increase of energy and endurance, allowing individuals to perform better in their daily activities and exercise routines.

ENHANCED SLEEP QUALITY – Growth hormone has a significant impact on sleep quality which can lead to improved sleep patterns and deeper, more restorative sleep. 

INSULIN CONTROL – Help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce triglyceride levels for better blood sugar control and possible weight loss.


(12 week program) 12 weeks provides the most results

1 injection per day, 5 out of 7 days per week (M-F, for example)

It also includes pre- and post-labs to check hormone levels

Thymosin-Alpha 1


Thymosin-Alpha 1, a potent peptide in peptide therapy, has shown promising effects in boosting the immune system, addressing autoimmune conditions, combating viral infections, and potentially aiding in the management of Lyme disease.


IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT – Acts as an immune booster, stimulating the production and activity of various immune cells and strengthening the body’s defense against pathogens and infections. 

AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS – A potential immunomodulatory agent to help regulate the immune system and reduce inflammatory response associated with autoimmune diseases.

ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY – By boosting immune response against viruses it can potentially aid in reducing viral replication and mitigating the severity of viral infections.

LYME DISEASE – This peptide has the ability to regulate immune response, which gives it the potential to support your body’s defense against Lyme disease and to reduce symptom impact.

Thymosin-Alpha 1’s potential to support immunity, address autoimmune conditions, combat viral infections, and potentially assist in Lyme disease management makes it a promising peptide option within the realm of our IVRS peptide therapy.


4 week program

Level 1

  • 8 syringes/injections, taken on days 1 and 3 (Monday/Wednesday, for example, for 4 weeks)

Level 2

  • Includes Package 1


  • Pre-labs
  • 2 Immune Booster IV’s
  • 1 bottle Orthomune

Semaglutide with Vitamin B6


For individuals with Type 2 diabetes, Semaglutide with Vitamin B6 has shown significant promise. Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analog that supports glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. When combined with Vitamin B6, this peptide may enhance blood sugar control and slow down gastric emptying, potentially contributing to improved diabetes management.


BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION – Can enhance insulin sensitivity and promote more efficient glucose uptake by cells, leading to improved blood sugar control. 

WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT – Helps to reduce appetite and food intake while increasing feelings of fullness which can lead to a decrease in calorie consumption and facilitate weight loss.

CARDIOVASCULAR BENEFITS – Can lead to a reduction in cardiovascular events in individuals with Type 2 diabetes.

By addressing both blood sugar regulation and weight loss simultaneously, Semaglutide with Vitamin B6 provides a holistic approach to managing Type 2 diabetes and promoting better health outcomes.


  • Initial labs
  • 1 injection weekly
  • Nutrition Counseling Included
  • 3D body scan every 2 weeks