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July 25, 2023

Unlocking the Healing Power of Peptide Therapy

Unlocking the Healing Power of Peptide Therapy Exploring the Benefits of BPC-157, CJC-1295/Ipamorelin, Thymosin-Alpha 1, and Semaglutide with Vitamin B6 Peptide Therapy has gained attention for its benefits in various…
March 25, 2022

Should Athletes Be Using Cryotherapy?

Should Athletes Be Using Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy - which means “cold therapy” - has become increasingly popular with athletes ranging from NBA stars to weekend warriors over the past several years.…
nutritional coachingdiethealthProvision Health
November 12, 2021

Nutrition Plans by Provision Health

Nutrition Plans by Provision Health As the year is ending, you might find yourself thinking about the new year ahead and the resolutions you want to start; however, a fresh…
primary medical care amarilloProvision Health
May 25, 2021

Provision Health – A better way to access primary care

In a fast-paced world of quick fixes, medical care that actually focuses on YOU is hard to come by these days. Here at IVRS, we want to take care of…
IV hydrationHydration
April 29, 2021

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV Rejuvenation Station (IVRS) provides IV Hydration Therapy for 100% absorption of essential nutrients to your body. We provide customizable intravenous vital fluids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids designed to improve…
iv therapy benefitshealthHydration
October 2, 2020

Who can benefit from IV Therapy

As we move through cold and flu season - and with COVID-19 still making its presence felt as well, it's more important than ever to do all we can to…
corporate wellnesshealth
July 26, 2020

Corporate Wellness Program

Wouldn’t it be great if your company could help prevent employees from getting sick before it happens? 80% of Americans work in jobs that require little or no physical activity. However, 89%…
iv hydration therapy for seniorsHydration
February 5, 2020

6 Benefits of IV Therapy for Senior Citizens

IV therapy isn't just for younger people - it's for just about everyone, including seniors. Many who are 65 and older who hear about IV treatment and vitamin infusion therapy…
IV hydrationFluhealthHydration
November 5, 2019

Speed up Flu & Cold Recovery with IV Therapy

Every year, cold and flu season strikes thousands ill and even sends some to the hospital - that's why fall and winter are such critical times of year to keep yourself healthy…
sick childhealthHydration
August 16, 2019

The Germs Are Coming

When school gets back in session, new students from all over your community--and sometimes even from other countries--come into close contact with you. If you're in college, you'll have this…
orange juicehealth
July 1, 2019

Drop the Energy Drink: 6 Natural Energy Solutions

When you feel exhausted but need to keep going, you may be tempted to resort to the ever-popular energy drink. But there are healthier ways to energize your body than…
dehydration symptomsHydration
June 3, 2019

How To Prevent Overheating This Summer

Many heat-related illnesses involve simple dehydration. More than 700 people die in the United States annually owing to illnesses that develop from exceptional heat. People don't generally realize the danger…
hangover cureHydration
May 1, 2019

Hangover Cures: What Works?

Cold showers and hot coffee don't actually reduce the effects of alcohol on the body, but they do stimulate the human adrenaline system, which induces a feeling of reduced inebriation.…
weight lossWeight loss
April 15, 2019

Can IV Hydration Help with Weight Loss?

When it comes to IV hydration weight loss techniques, weight loss is possible. That's the short answer. There are a few reasons for this: Energy And Vitamin Supplementation Healthier Sleep…
February 11, 2019

What To Do When The Flu Hits Your Home

What To Do When The Flu Hits Your Home Flu season can be brutal. If one member of your family contracts it, it can spread to other members quickly. The…
cold and fluUncategorized
January 11, 2019

Can You Prevent The Flu?

Flu season is upon us. While flu season typically lasts from October until April, the illness tends to spike between January and March. This means we are approaching the heaviest…
December 14, 2018

How Does Cryotherapy Affect Depression and Anxiety?

Cryotherapy, also call cold therapy, is an increasingly popular treatment for everything from aging skin to sports injuries. Celebrities from Demi Moore to Shaq O'Neal have been touting its praises.…
IV hydration benefits of vitamin CFlu
November 13, 2018

How Does IV Therapy Help In Flu Cases?

November brings cooler weather, shorter days, the holidays, and of course, the beginning of the flu season. This year, give your immune system a boost to better combat flu symptoms…
October 4, 2018

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Imagine stepping into a chamber that has been chilled to way below freezing to promote good health and cell development. An increasing number of people are turning to this technique,…
September 28, 2018

Cryotherapy: What It Is and How It Works

Do you suffer from chronic back or joint pain? Muscle aches from sports injuries? Arthritis or fibromialga? Cryotherapy might just be the answer for you. This increasingly-popular therapy has been…
Iv Icon BagHydration
June 13, 2018

5 Great Health Benefits Delivered by IV Hydration

According to Healthline, the average human body needs around half a gallon of water every day. But sometimes, even this isn't enough. If you're particularly active, or if you're suffering…
Sick Girl with headache covid recovery amarillohealth
May 25, 2018

Still Getting Over the Sickness? Here’s How an IV Hydration Boost Can Help

We get it. Summer is here and you're still feeling blah. You might want to try I.V. hydration which can help boost your immune system with vitamin-rich nutrients. It’s a…
Woman measuring waistUncategorized
March 27, 2018

Learn How IV Hydration Can Help You Boost Your Weight Loss Results

Proper hydration is essential in order for the body to work as efficiently as it possibly can. Most people do not drink enough water each day and thus their bodies…
Sick Girl with headache covid recovery amarilloFlu
January 30, 2018

Fight the Flu and Limit Your Flu Exposure

What is the Best Protection to Fight the Flu and Limit Your Flu Exposure? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that this is one of the most serious flu…
Iv drippingUncategorized
December 15, 2017

Fear of Needles

It is probably one of the most common questions we receive, “I’m afraid of needles, will this hurt?” If you have a fear of needles, you’re not alone! It has…
Woman with the fluhealthHydration
November 17, 2017

Overcome the Flu Season with IV Hydration

It’s that time of year again… no, we’re not talking about the holidays… we’re talking about flu season! Every flu season is different and can be unpredictable, but typically the…
Alcoholic drinksHydration
October 23, 2017

How Alcohol Worsens Dehydration

It’s the one holiday that allows us to step into the life of someone else...Halloween. We can try on a new face, a new persona, and live out a fantasy…
Fall allergieshealthHydrationmedical
September 18, 2017

How IV Hydration Eases Fall Allergies

If your office is anything like ours you may be saying “bless you” a whole lot more often lately. Fall is in the air and so are allergens! Offices everywhere…
people running in a racefitnesshealthHydration
August 23, 2017

Effects of Dehydration on Athletic Performance

Hitting the gridiron, ice, or court… fall is right around the corner and that means sports are in full swing. Student, pro, and semi-pro athletes are practicing hard to prepare…
group of people having a barbequediethealthHydrationmedical
July 10, 2017

Summertime Foodborne Illness and IV Hydration Therapy

Summer is synonymous with backyard barbecues! Whether you are celebrating a holiday, having a picnic, camping, or just enjoying a little sunshine, the summer months lend themselves to people cooking…
Vitamin B12 ShotsfitnesshealthHydration
June 8, 2017

Top Five Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

Feeling sluggish and run down? Have trouble remembering things? Your body is trying to tell you something… something is missing. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause fatigue, weakness, low energy, and…
May 10, 2017

Ten Signs You’re Dehydrated

Summer is almost here and that means more time outside playing, working out, and just having fun. Unfortunately, all of that activity sometimes means we forget one of the most…
woman getting marriedHydrationWedding
January 30, 2017

6 Ways IV Hydration Can Save Your Wedding Day

You’ve poured through the checklist a million times. You’ve listened to more motherly advice than you can possibly tolerate. You’ve gone through meticulous and precise measures to ensure that everything…