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Cold showers and hot coffee don’t actually reduce the effects of alcohol on the body, but they do stimulate the human adrenaline system, which induces a feeling of reduced inebriation. However, the alcohol remains in your blood, and a hangover is still on its way.
Alcohol dehydrates you, causing both nausea and headaches. Accordingly, the key to sidestepping hangovers is giving the body necessary compounds before (and sometimes after) that help it fix what alcohol breaks. Consider these hangover cures:
  • Hydrating Beforehand And Vitamin C

  • Sleep, Nutrition, And Exercise After The Fact
  • IV Hydration

Hydrating Beforehand And Vitamin C

Vitamin C speeds up the metabolism of alcohol through the liver. Eating an orange or over-the-counter vitamin C supplement before and after drinking will get the alcohol out of you quicker, and can either prevent or reduce hangover symptoms. Drinking a lot of water before you go to bed, and after you’ve finished drinking, also helps keep alcohol from its most toxic effects on the body.
Sleep, Nutrition, And Exercise After The Fact
When you drink heavily, sleep as much as you can after. When you do wake up, a hearty breakfast restores many of the compounds your body burned through dealing with the alcohol. Exercise increases oxygen intake, which helps bolster immune system response – but be careful with this last step as too much activity can end up hurting you.

IV Hydration

IV hydration represents state-of-the-art hangover recovery. Essentially, IV therapy hydrates your body quickly, can deliver anti-nausea compounds, minerals and vitamins. IV hydration can more effectively be absorbed into the system through the blood than traditional hydration methods.
IVRS in Amarillo, Texas, are on-call IV hydration specialists. We provide specific IV treatments for hangovers.