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Nutrition Plans by Provision Health

As the year is ending, you might find yourself thinking about the new year ahead and the resolutions you want to start; however, a fresh start doesn’t have to happen when the new year rolls around. Your decision of healthy living can start today and we can help! 
As a wellness company, we’re here for your health journey, inside and out.​Your health is a reflection of how you treat your mind, body, and spirit. Perhaps the most effective way to start this journey is by talking about what you put IN your body… the foods you eat! The way you eat will directly affect how you feel, look, perform, and function on a day-to-day basis. 
Your dietary needs, whether simple or complex, are our specialty! In order to take the best care of you, we offer customized nutrition plans, cared for and designed by our Nurse Practitioner and Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach.
Our nutrition plans offer an initial consultation to learn about you, your body, and your personal needs and desires. When you join our program, we draw a panel of labs to assess your cholesterol, screen for diabetes, and measure hormone levels. With this information, our Nurse Practitioner creates a customized meal plan to help you meet your goals. Measurements and progress are tracked using our Fit3D Body Scanner. Your health goals are just a phone call away!

Nutrition Plan Options: 

1. Healthy:

  • Initial consultation and lab draw
  • Customized meal plan
  • Weekly body scan with Fit3D Scanner
  • Weekly Lipo-C injections – Detoxifies the liver, suppresses appetite, increases metabolism
  • 2-week sit down consultations with our provider
  • Healthy recipe every two week
  • 3-month cholesterol and diabetes recheck

2. Healthy + Weight: 

  • Initial consultation and lab draw
  • Customized meal plan
  • Body scan at the initial consultation with Fit3D Scanner
  • 3-Week sit down consultations with our provider, and body scan with Fit3D Scanner
  • Healthy recipe every two weeks
  • 3-month cholesterol and diabetes
At Provision Health, our goal is to provide you with better health and wellness, whether it be through dietary needs, natural pain relief, reduced stress, or overall better quality of life. Our Nutrition Plans are an amazing way to kick start your wellness journey. Contact us today, and let’s get that New Year’s Resolution checked off!