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You’ve poured through the checklist a million times. You’ve listened to more motherly advice than you can possibly tolerate. You’ve gone through meticulous and precise measures to ensure that everything on that one special day is done to absolute perfection…except for one thing. You have overlooked one very simple item that could make the world of a difference that big weekend. That one thing is hydration. Hydration? Sure, you think you’re drinking enough water. Well, studies have shown that over 75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated. So, chances are you are not getting enough water. And, if you’re not getting enough water now, how will you ensure that you don’t suffer from dehydration on your wedding day? With IV Hydration. The benefits of IV Hydration are simple. Traditional methods of hydration are slugging down bottle after bottle of water as it slowly and uncomfortably moves through your stomach, intestines, bladder. With bypassing the gastrointestinal system and taking fluids directly into your blood stream, you enjoy the benefits of hydration quicker and more effectively. And with IV Hydration, not only do you receive the natural benefits of being fully hydrated, with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that can be added in, you can maximize the benefits. By one simple and short IV Hydration Therapy session, you can ensure that you are at your very best for the your wedding. Here are six ways IV Hydration can save your wedding day. 1. AMPLIFY SKIN’S NATURAL BEAUTY In West Texas, the heat and lack of moisture can suck all of the moisture out of your skin, robbing you of your natural glow. IV Hydration has nearly immediate impact on your natural skin glow and will have you prepared for every snapshot, camera click, and selfie. 2. RESTORE HAIR AND NAIL HEALTH We all know that moisturizing is good for the body and especially true for the shine of your hair and nails. By using IV Hydration therapy days before your wedding, you can ensure that your beauty is seen from your head to your toenails. 3. BEAT FATIGUE Ask any bride, weddings will leave you feeling flat and exhausted after hauling around that heavy wedding satin dress. IV Hydration is a great way to stay on track before the vows are exchanged and leave plenty of energy for the reception afterwards. Hydration has proven to boost energy levels, but with mix-ins like Vitamin B12 or Magnesium, you can ensure lasting effects that will give you the energy to enjoy your honeymoon afterward. 4. ENJOY CALMING EFFECTS Anxieties can run especially high on your biggest day. It’s hard work being at the center of such a big day with so many guests. With a B-Complex shot in your IV Hydration, you can level your stress and anxiety and remain calm and chill throughout the entire day. Don’t let peaking anxiety ruin the memories you only have one chance to make. 5. ELIMINATE MIGRAINES AND HEADACHES One common ailment suffered with dehydration is persistent headaches and even severe migraines. Don’t take any chances with being sidelined by a crushing headache while you’re basking in the bright lights and camera’s flashing. By a simple IV Hydration beforehand, you can greatly lessen the risk of painful headaches and migraines. 6. STOP NAUSEA With IV Hydration, you can beat nausea to the gut punch by bypassing the GI system and directly joining into the blood stream, quickly reducing the risk of nausea without the discomfort of flushing yourself with fluids. If you need additional help with nausea, Zofran, an effective anti-nausea and vomiting medication, can be be included in the IV to help stop nausea for good. As you’re preparing the biggest day of your life, make sure you take care of yourself firstly. IV Hydration is the quickest and most effective method to hydrate and replenish your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals to have you energized, fully replenished, and looking your naturally beautiful self.