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We get it. Summer is here and you’re still feeling blah. You might want to try I.V. hydration which can help boost your immune system with vitamin-rich nutrients. It’s a quick way to replenish your body with the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs so you’ll feel better – faster!

What Is I.V. Hydration?

I.V. hydration is customized intravenous fluids that can help boost your immune system. Packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, and antioxidants, it gives you the convenient boost that your body needs as you recover from the flu or if you just want to avoid illness. It’s a fast way to add more vitamins and nutrients to your body so you’ll feel better faster.

How It Works

IVRS has several I.V. therapy packages to choose from that can help with pain and athletic rejuvenation or flu and hangover rejuvenation. If you live or work in Lubbock or Amarillo, Texas, schedule a time for IVRS to come to your home, office, or hotel with their convenient mobile medical service.
  • I.V. therapy can replenish lost electrolytes through vitamin-infusion drips.
  • The I.V. is a fast way to receive nutrients and vitamins to speed recovery.
  • This is the same type of I.V. that you would receive if you went to the hospital for fluid replenishment.
Having a boost of vitamins and nutrients can help keep you out of urgent care!

Why Illness Puts So Many People in the Hospital

A lot of people get sick with the flu and they have bouts of coughing, phlegm, vomiting, diarrhea, sneezing, fevers, and chills. This can put you in the hospital if you’re not careful because you’re losing electrolytes. To avoid hospitalization from dehydration, IVRS has a popular Flu Fighter Rejuvenation I.V. It’s a vitamin- and nutrient-boosting cocktail loaded with Zinc and Vitamins B and C.  that can help you feel better faster.

Get an Immune Boost Right in Your Office

With corporate Concierge Hydration Therapy, IVRS can come right to you…
  • will come to your office, home, or hotel with a convenient mobile clinic.
  • A lot of businesses have relied on this medically-approved I.V. service that accepts HSA/FSA.
  • IVRS has a licensed and board-certified physician and licensed registered nurses.
  • Every I.V. treatment is medically approved and administered by licensed, registered nurses.

A Few Reasons to Try I.V. Hydration

Improve Athletic Performance

When you feel better, you can have better workouts. As your body is more rested and you have more strength, you’re able to increase your exercise tolerance and recovery for athletic events or daily exercise at the gym.

Look and Feel Better

Vitamin therapies have been used for centuries to help rejuvenate skin, improve hair and nail health, and help give a youthful glow back to the appearance of skin that might be dry or damaged by the harmful rays of the sun or UV effects.

Recover Faster from Hangovers and Jet Lag

If you have a cold, flu, or if you have a migraine or hangover, vitamins and nutrients can help you to recover faster. Vitamins and nutrients are important to keeping your body healthy and helping you to recover from an illness.

Stay Hydrated

To help you stay out of the emergency room or urgent care, you should stay hydrated as people tend to become chronically dehydrated with the flu or severe colds. An immunity boost can also help you stay healthier at work where others might be sick and you’re exposed to their germs.

Get an Immunity Boost

When your immunity is stronger, you’re better able to protect yourself from colds, the flu, and other illnesses that might be spread through airborne pathogens. To schedule an I.V. Hydration for your home, office, or hotel, you can call IVRS at (806) 282-1437 or visit them on the web at Get hydrated today!