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According to Healthline, the average human body needs around half a gallon of water every day. But sometimes, even this isn’t enough. If you’re particularly active, or if you’re suffering with a health condition that makes dehydration more likely, you might need much more. Unfortunately, there is usually a delay between drinking water and water getting to where it’s needed in the body. Water passes through the digestive system, and is absorbed gradually. And in many cases, underlying health conditions (such as diarrhea) slow down the rate of water absorption further– with potentially dangerous consequences. But IV hydration bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, and delivers nutrient-rich fluids straight into your bloodstream where it can begin to deliver benefits much more quickly.

1. Fast and Effective Hydration

Whether you failed to drink enough water, drank too much alcohol or perspired more than usual at the gym, there are times when you need to rehydrate fast. If you don’t, the various effects of dehydration (vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, extreme fatigue, etc.) can make you feel pretty awful. Also, dehydration is inextricably linked to deficiencies in key nutrients. While oral supplements can help, they usually take time to be digested. But IV hydration delivers fast and effective results — making you feel better more quickly. This could be crucial if you’re facing a busy week at work or home.

2. Boosts Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss

Your body’s metabolism is the rate at which food is converted into usable energy. This rate can be accelerated with proper hydration and the right combination of nutrients delivered efficiently via IV hydration. If you can boost your metabolism, you should find losing weight from exercise and healthy eating a lot easier. There are many metabolism-boosting nutrients that can be delivered intravenously. For example, B complex vitamins help the body convert food into fuel. Carnitine is crucial for the process of converting carbohydrates in the digestive tract into energy. And taurine is an amino acid needed for the metabolism of body fat.

3. Boosts Concentration Levels

If you’ve ever struggled to concentrate on your work, a book or a movie, there’s a chance that dehydration was to blame. According to CBS, up to 75 percent of Americans can be suffering from chronic dehydration at any one time — so you’re certainly not alone. If concentration and general brain function are crucial to your productivity, you need to rehydrate as quickly as possible (which is why an increasing number of companies are offering IV hydration services to their employees).

4. Speeds Up the Removal of Waste and Toxins

Both the kidneys and the liver need to be hydrated in order to “flush out” unwanted substances. If you’re not properly hydrated, your kidneys in particular can struggle to filter your blood properly, leaving your body to deal with potentially dangerous levels of toxins. Also, your digestive tract can’t operate efficiently if it’s being deprived of the water it needs, potentially leaving you constipated. If you’re feeling the effects of a build-up of toxins, fast action is needed; IV hydration is much faster than simply drinking lots of water.

5. Eases Joint Pain

How well you’re dehydrated plays a significant role in how well your joints are lubricated. If there’s a lack of lubrication in your hips, knees and ankles, they can become sore and stiff very quickly. Particularly if you’re over 65 or have pre-existing joint problems, being hydrated at all times is important. But if you need fast relief, an IV hydration treatment can help.