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When school gets back in session, new students from all over your community–and sometimes even from other countries–come into close contact with you. If you’re in college, you’ll have this experience. If you’re a teacher, you’ll be close to such newer students. If you’re a parent, they’re going to bring these germs home with them. Whether student, educator, or parent, IV hydration can be a great way to boost your immune system, giving you the ability to avoid many common sicknesses. Consider these advantages:
  • Vitamin Support
  • Getting To The Right Level Of Hydration
  • The Glutathione Push

Vitamin Support

IV hydration can provide many healthy compounds for your body. You can get Vitamin B-12 and other B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, and a number of other healthy nutrients included in the intravenous saline solution. These compounds strengthen your immune system, and are absorbed more completely into the bloodstream via IV than through traditional oral ingestion. B-12 includes concentration and energy, additionally helping you retain information through memory loss reduction. B-complex vitamins assist your immune system and help your body convert food into energy. Vitamin C helps your bones, immune system, and circulatory system, while simultaneously giving you an immune boost.  

Getting To The Right Level Of Hydration

IV hydration can help your body recover after illness, or even a night of revelry where a little too many substances were ingested. Regardless, regular intravenous drips provide your immune system with extra “ammunition”, as it were, against varying pathogens. At any given time, your immune system is having thousands–even millions–of microscopic battles against viruses or other germs seeking entry into your body. An IV drip provides your immune systems nutritional reinforcement, allowing your body to fight harder for longer, keeping you more healthy.  

More Specific Needs

Some people have different health needs. This is one reason it makes a lot of sense to work with IV suppliers who understand what can happen, and why. They’ll be more effective getting you to your most healthy hydration.  

Outpacing Back To School Sickness

People get sick when they go back to school, young or old, and it’s hard to get around that. IV Rejuvenation Station, or IVRS, provides immune booster IV drip services which allow immune systems to be strengthened through the benefits of top-tier IV therapy, helping you avoid getting sick, and generally maintain your best health. Call us at (806) 282-1437 or setup an appointment today.