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Every year, cold and flu season strikes thousands ill and even sends some to the hospital – that’s why fall and winter are such critical times of year to keep yourself healthy and fit and to keep your immune system at full peak.

But even given your best efforts at cold/flu prevention, it is still possible to get sick. Is there a way to recover more quickly so you can get back into the full swing of your daily routine? Indeed there is, and it’s called IV therapy!

What Exactly Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy boosts your hydration and immune health by infusing water, vitamins, and nutrients directly into your system intravenously.

IV hydration therapy can be used to successfully treat a wide variety of problems, in conjunction with more traditional methods, to speed recovery. This includes jet lag, chronic fatigue, dehydration, hangovers, migraines, and yes – to treat flu and cold symptoms.

How Does It Speed Up Recovery?

When a bad cold or the flu hits, you don’t want to let it bring you to a standstill. Act early as soon as symptoms begin to “push it back” so you can stay on track. Here are 5 ways IV therapy helps you treat flu symptoms:

  • Rehydrating your system. Dehydration puts you at greater risk of getting a cold/the flu. Rehydration speeds up recovery and bolsters your body against reinfection.
  • IV therapy goes direct to your cells, which hastens the effect by “skipping the stomach.” It can be difficult to drink enough fluids when you have a fever and nausea.
  • Vitamins C delivered straight to your bloodstream helps cure colds, and vitamin D helps prevent them. Other vitamins and minerals included in the IV also speed recovery.
  • You begin to feel the effects of the therapy immediately, versus waiting hours or days with other methods alone.
  • Taking too many antibiotics to fight a cold or the flu can harm good gut bacteria and lead to negative side effects. But IV therapies often include probiotics assist good bacteria and certainly never contain anything that would harm them.

Getting IV hydration and vitamin therapy can be fast and convenient. IVRS in Amarillo, Texas, offers concierge IV therapy services and IV hydration & rejuvenation stations. You undergo the therapy in a matter of minutes, and it doesn’t have to disrupt your schedule.

To learn more or to schedule IV hydration and vitamin therapy today, contact IVRS online. Put your cold or the flu into retreat so you can get on with your day!