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As we move through cold and flu season – and with COVID-19 still making its presence felt as well, it’s more important than ever to do all we can to keep ourselves healthy. IV therapy is an increasingly popular way to combat “sick season,” boost immune health and aid overall health and wellness any time of year. But who can benefit from IV hydration and/or vitamin infusion? The short answer is that almost anyone can. But here are 7 specific types of people who can especially benefit from some form of IV therapy. 1. Those Sick, Recovering or With Low Immune Health Want to speed up recovery from a cold, the Flu, or another sickness? Who doesn’t! One way to do that is to use IV hydration therapy. While this is not “medicine,” it can help boost your immune health and speed up your body’s natural recovery process. 2. Seniors Citizens Who Just Want to Feel Better Many senior citizens struggle from day to day and have “bad days” where they could especially use that “extra boost.” They may also have low immune system strength. IV therapy can help bolster and rejuvenate them! 3. Those With Low Energy or Chronic Tiredness Many people suffer from chronically low energy levels and constant tiredness. They may experience fatigue or outright exhaustion far too easily and quickly. IV therapy can give them that extra measure of energy and stamina. 4. Athletes & Workout Enthusiasts Another group of people who often use IV therapy are “the athletic type.” They may feel exhausted after a hard workout or feel like they are not quite hitting their desired stride during workouts. Either way, IV hydration can help. 5. Those With Chronically Dry Skin People concerned about their skin, hair, and nails can use IV therapy as a beauty enhancement technique. Believe it or not, hydration therapy can make your skin look and feel better as well as improve the health of your hail and nails! 6. People With Jetlag or Hangovers People temporarily wiped out can also benefit from IV hydration. It may be because of a hangover -and you need to “get through the day.” Or, it may be you have a bad case of jetlag after traveling. 7. Those With Frequent Headaches/Migraines Finally, IV therapy can do wonders for people with frequent and/or severe headaches and migraines. It may be a convenient answer when you need immediate relief. To learn more about IV hydration therapy or to make an appointment, contact IVRS in Amarillo, TX, today!